Overview Of The Gopro Hero5 Session Camera

GoPro Hero5 is the latest camera available from GoPro, their best creation yet. It is one of their most advanced extreme sports cameras. Since its creation back in 2004, it has come quite a long way. The Hero product line has done very well, coming out with new ones every few years. GoPro Hero5 is just the latest that is available and it has many advancements and updates over its predecessors. This article takes a look at this camera, what it does, and then where you can pick this up for a reasonable price.

Overview Of The GoPro Hero5 Session Camera

This is a camera that has been in the works for quite some time. Although it does not have any improvements over frame or resolution rates, it is still the best action cam in the world. Still shooting at 4K resolution, and 30 FPS, it has made improvements in regard to, stabilization, housing, and how easy it is to use. One of the best improvements is how easy it is to use over the previous cameras. It was somewhat difficult to snap the camera into the waterproof housing which has dramatically improved. The use of the controls, albeit simple to begin with, has also been greatly improved. One of those improvements is voice control which means you no longer have to fuss with the buttons, remembering how many times to hit the button to change it from video to camera. Of course, this will not work underwater but you can always come up for air, change the setting verbally, and then go back down if you are snorkeling.

The New Black Interface And Video Stabilization

This new interface has only two buttons that have multiple uses, similar to the older styles. It will take a few seconds for it to load up as before, though notably much faster. There is the regular start stop button, but once it is on, you can begin to use the voice controls to adjust how you are able to shoot videos and images. You can change either the resolution or the FPS, and it also comes with automatic video stabilization. This is a huge improvement, although many people did appreciate the realism of jumpy camera shots, especially if you are doing bike riding, going up and down hills over rough terrain. When you actually get to see the final product, it’s amazing how stable the video is by comparison, definitely an improvement that people will absolutely enjoy.

Voice Controls And Upgraded Housing

Finally, there are now voice controls that are very useful. Although they can be a bit finicky if you are trying to adjust things if you are moving at high speeds, especially on a windy day, they work very well otherwise. The upgraded housing is waterproof, going down to 33 feet, and has the usual ability to avoid scuffs and hits that are just going to happen, especially if you are bike riding or doing any rock climbing.

Even though the video quality could have been improved, that will probably be in the next update. Otherwise, it’s a fantastic improvement over prior cameras. This GoPro Hero5 session camera is something that you should definitely consider investing in, and because of these new updates, especially the video stabilization, it is well worth the almost $400 price tag.