What Makes WordPress Such A Popular Platform?

A top blogging platform, WordPress lets you create a pre-built blog or website entirely for free. It lets you concentrate on more essential items such as content, profits and sales, and not worry about or waste time in setting up a website. If you have never spent time in creating a website before, installing WordPress on your site is the easiest and fastest way to get your domain operational and live in a matter of minutes. Find out about some of the main reasons WordPress is such a popular platform.

Easy and Fast Installation

It is very easy to set up the WordPress platform. You can click on the link for WordPress to set up the platform on your site. You will be prompted some basic information from the software, you can do a full installation of any of the latest versions of WordPress into your site.

Website Functionality

If you would like your blogs to have a particular functionality, you can find plenty of programmers who have developed plugins for WordPress who will offer you the necessary assistance. The official WordPress website consists of close to 8,000 different plugins for the platform and many more that are not present in the database of WordPress. In case you come across a plugin that you want, simply download, unzip and then upload the same to the suitable Plugin directory on the blog. Once you have uploaded the WordPress plugin, just visit the Admin section of the blog and activate the software.

Website Themes

The generic WordPress Theme that comes with WordPress is a plain one and not liked by many webmasters. However, many developers and programmers design custom WordPress Themes that can easily be uploaded to the domain to change the appearance and feel of your WordPress site. While some themes are paid versions, others come entirely for free. You can find over thousand WP themes directly loaded into the official WordPress site where you can choose from. However, you will not have to be restricted only to the themes that are loaded into the website of WordPress.


The latest versions of WordPress come with a feature that notifies users when upgrades for their chosen WP Plugins or the basic WordPress operating system are available. Once upgrades are available, you will get notifications. You will often have to click on a link for the automatic installation of the updates and upgrades.