Top 5 Web Design Trends To Be Observed In 2017

With the constant advancement of technology and the changing expectations of online users, the web is continuously evolving, so is the web design. The design that just arrived yesterday, turns into an outdated one overnight. If you dont keep your website up to date with the ongoing trend, you may encounter a considerable decrease in traffic and increase in the bounce rate. Therefore, here are the top five website design trend that you need to look out in 2017.

Large Typography

The use of bigger typography will definitely be a popular trend to observe this year. With various websites already opting for the use of bolder and larger fonts, theres no doubt that there will be a prominent use of this particular design. Texts are no longer limited to only to the purpose of writing the content; rather it now plays a crucial part in custom imagery as well.

Responsive Design

With the tablets and smartphones becoming the main devices for browsing the internet, the need for responsive web design is more than ever now. Studies have started to show already that a website that doesn’t come with responsive design, fails to attract users.


The application of vivid illustrations in the websites has also made its way to the 2017 website designing trends. Being extremely versatile, playful and friendly, more and more website is counting on it already for explaining their motto or services. Using illustrations also adds a touch of authenticity and liveliness to an otherwise lifeless website.

Vivid Color Layers

There also will be the use of vivid color layers in web design for making it more alive and attractive. This color layers will not only add more depth and texture to a simple website layout but will also make the appearance a lot more stylish.

Simple Straightforward Text

Gone are the days, when websites used to come filled with complex text. Now, it’s time for simpler and to the point text, where it will inform the visitors all that they need to know about the business. Even proofs of this have been found that many websites are replacing their important navigation sections or images with more simple yet attractive text to convey their message to the audience.

The ultimate key to maintaining a prominent online presence is by applying the latest web design trends on your website. Though there are other designing trends as well, but you can abide by the above-mentioned ones, youll be able to keep up with your users expectation pretty well.

Tips To Get The Best Desktop Computer Deals In Tucson

Buying a new desktop computer is a serious investment due to the price ranges involved with some costing more than $2500. Because a desktop computers average life is between three to five years, you might end up spending several thousands of dollars after a few years. However, this does not have to be the case. You can save a lot in terms of hundreds if not thousands of dollars, and to do this, you need to know how to get the best desktop computer deals.

The following are tips you can employ to ensure that you get good deals on your desired desktop computer.

1. Find out what you want
You might be eyeing one of the high-end computers on the market, however, if what you want is a computer for word processing, storing your media files and surfing the Internet, you might be purchasing a computer that has more power than you will ever need. Create a list of what you would want to do with your computer, and find out the options you have. This will save you from purchasing an expensive computer that you do not need.

2. Purchase refurbished
When it comes to purchasing a desktop computer, you do not have to buy a new one. Most vendors, including manufacturers, provide refurbished computers, which are just as good as new computers, but cheaper. This is a technique of how to get the best desktop computer deals when you want to purchase high-end computers that are hard to find on sale offers. Buying refurbished allows you to get quality at a great deal.

You can get refurbished computers along with computer repairs at Top Computer Docs Tucson

3. Use cash back
When making a costly buy like a desktop computer, you are likely to stack cash back offers. Check to see whether the company or platform you are purchasing from is represented on any cash back site to ensure you get a kickback when you shop through their platform. Once you have this information, purchase with your cash back credit card.

4. Purchase at the right time
The months of July, August and September are some of the best to purchase desktop computers. This is because chip makers release their new processors during that period, which prompts retailers to lower prices on older computers to create room for newer models. To top it all, this period has numerous back-to-school offers, making it the right time for you to purchase the desktop computer you have been eyeing.

5. Look for rebates and coupons
Whether you are purchasing your desktop computer from a brick-and-mortar store or online, ensure that you research online to find out if you can get a coupon. Coupons and rebates are a good way for you to get a discount on the computer of choice, which will help you save a couple of bucks.

6. Purchase an older model
Going for a older model instead of the current model will help you get the best deal. You might be surprised to find out that the difference in computing capability between those two models is almost the same. Despite this, the savings you are likely to make when buying a older model might amount to several hundreds.

Knowing how to get the best desktop computer deals will help you know how to look, where to buy and when to buy in order to get the one that meets your needs.

What Makes WordPress Such A Popular Platform?

A top blogging platform, WordPress lets you create a pre-built blog or website entirely for free. It lets you concentrate on more essential items such as content, profits and sales, and not worry about or waste time in setting up a website. If you have never spent time in creating a website before, installing WordPress on your site is the easiest and fastest way to get your domain operational and live in a matter of minutes. Find out about some of the main reasons WordPress is such a popular platform.

Easy and Fast Installation

It is very easy to set up the WordPress platform. You can click on the link for WordPress to set up the platform on your site. You will be prompted some basic information from the software, you can do a full installation of any of the latest versions of WordPress into your site.

Website Functionality

If you would like your blogs to have a particular functionality, you can find plenty of programmers who have developed plugins for WordPress who will offer you the necessary assistance. The official WordPress website consists of close to 8,000 different plugins for the platform and many more that are not present in the database of WordPress. In case you come across a plugin that you want, simply download, unzip and then upload the same to the suitable Plugin directory on the blog. Once you have uploaded the WordPress plugin, just visit the Admin section of the blog and activate the software.

Website Themes

The generic WordPress Theme that comes with WordPress is a plain one and not liked by many webmasters. However, many developers and programmers design custom WordPress Themes that can easily be uploaded to the domain to change the appearance and feel of your WordPress site. While some themes are paid versions, others come entirely for free. You can find over thousand WP themes directly loaded into the official WordPress site where you can choose from. However, you will not have to be restricted only to the themes that are loaded into the website of WordPress.


The latest versions of WordPress come with a feature that notifies users when upgrades for their chosen WP Plugins or the basic WordPress operating system are available. Once upgrades are available, you will get notifications. You will often have to click on a link for the automatic installation of the updates and upgrades.