How You Can Protect Yourself From Being A Victim Of Ransomware

If you have never heard of ransomware before, it usually is lurking in e-mails or pop-ups and will require the user to pay a ransom to unlock their computer. More than 200,000 Windows computers have been affected during this global cyber attack spanning across several nations including Britain, Germany, South Korea, Japan, and China. Cybercriminals have placed colleges, hospitals, blue-chip companies, and retail operations high on their list of attacks. These types of attacks have had companies scrambling to keep up with new safeguards to place on their businesses.

This is just not a problem for the individual, these attacks are of great concern to the largest corporations and governments. It is essential to use the utmost of caution while online to protect yourself from the malware that will place you in the middle of these online battles. The following are a series of steps you can do to further protect yourself.

It is believed that the overall attack was due to people downloading a program known as WannaCry through their email. Once the malicious code has entered into one computer it can easily infect others through the Windows file sharing feature. This is why Mac and non-Windows users were not affected by this attack. The truth about this attack was it could have been prevented before it ever began. Microsoft had created a path for WannaCry well beore the malware was introduced into systems.

However, people fail to update their machines and miss these essential security updates. It is important that people are vigilant with their computers and always keep them updated. To make it all hands off, Windows users can have their machines automatically download and update all software updates. While WannaCry targeted Windows users, there is no denying that Mac and Linux users will be targeted in the future. There are new breeds of viruses always being developed to target various operating systems. With this in mind, all users should keep their systems up to date.

Antivirus Software Is Essential – While keeping your operating system up to date is important, you also need a good antivirus software installed on the system. It is estimated that 30% of antivirus programs on the market have the ability to detect and neutralize ransomware. The same is going to hold true for anti-virus programs, they need to be updated constantly to detect new threats and eliminate them. One highly reputable program is Norton Antivirus ,we use it and recommend it to all our clients , for more information visit Norton and when ready to purchase see this coupons site for a list of all the product and pricing specials available.

If you have no backups and your files are essential, you may be forced to pay the ransom due to some of the more serious ransomware programs. However, there is no need to do so with WannaCry. It looks as though the hackers have been overwhelmed with requests from users asking to release their system, but they have never heard back.Use the tips from this article to update your operating system and install a reputable antivirus program to keep your computer and files safe. New threats are being released everyday, but you can protect yourself.